Workshop talk: On the Importance of Data in Energy Systems

On June 28th, the Workshop „Mind, Culture and Behaviour in the Digital Age” took place at the University of Klagenfurt. The emphasis of the workshop was on research perspectives and challenges in times of IoT, Big Data, Digital Humanities, and Digitisation. Researchers from the departments of technical sciences, economic sciences, and humanities were invited to deliver a speech.

Christoph Klemenjak gave a talk "on the importance of data in energy systems". State of the art, work in progress and open research questions were presented. Furthermore, the talk states the research findings of the Smart Grids research group. In particular, the talk presents the following contributions:
Without any doubt data will be among the most important resources in future. Exactly as all other resources data itself is neither good nor bad, it depends for which purposes it is used for.


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